About Us

About Us
Our mission is to create sustainable solutions that provide affordable, inclusive and person-centered health care that respect the power of community, diversity & inclusion.
Barbara Greene, MPH  is a community engagement specialist and health care planner who is committed to engaging diverse populations and communities in improving their health and well-being in innovative ways. 

Prior to establishing Barbara Greene & Associates, a collaborative health care solutions-that-work company, Barbara served as Director of Community Engagement for Honoring Choices Minnesota,   a public health initiative of the Twin Cities Medical Society in Minneapolis.  There, she worked with community-based organizations, physicians and public health leaders to change perceptions about advance care planning within faith communities, multicultural & ethnic populations, colleges, universities, and civic agencies.

Prior to her work as statewide engagement director, Barbara worked with area agencies on aging, hospice associations, multicultural non-profit agencies, state and city public health departments, public libraries, and immigrant & refugee service organizations.  She served as Manager of Continuing Education at North Memorial Health Care, where she expanded professional continuing education among health care professionals to include multicultural health care forums and stronger community partnerships and collaboration.

Barbara is trained as an Art of Convening community convener through The Heartland Circle, as an Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, and as a Respecting Choices advance care planning instructor.  In order to create more participative and stronger leaders in health care organizations, Barbara also trained nurses, social workers and interdisciplinary health care professionals as a Reigniting the Spirit of Caring national facilitator and consultant for Creative Health Care Management in Minneapolis.

Barbara has worked with urban community clinics (Model Cities Health Center) in developing a national award-winning prevention project in Saint Paul’s inner-city Summit-University neighborhood.  Barbara received her master’s degree from the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health and a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Nebraska.  She has worked on and participated in public health involvements in Tanzania, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Israel. Threading arts and culture with public health has been a mainstay of her professional work for several decades.

Other Associates:  Barbara brings together a collection of diverse health care professionals to serve as team members and project leaders based upon individual project needs.

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